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In a time where rock is void of meaning and a dedicated audience - enter SIN SHAKE SIN.   I can already tell this will be most likely my favorite rock album of the year.   Sin Shake Sin brings a welcomed dose of rock and roll political commentary into our earbuds.  Newly remastered and re-released, they recorded this almost a year before we knew how the election this past November would turn out.  Call them Nostradamus.  Many of the songs strike to the heart of what you see all over social media right now.   They take a ballsy but common sense approach to calling out what they see wrong with the world.  It's a long overdue trait that has been missing in music and we are glad to have Sin Shake Sin restore a sense of rock and roll revolution.

If you're simply a fan of truth, check out SIN SHAKE SIN's debut album "Lunatics and Slaves".     We give this 5 out of 5 stars, only after my editor refused to let me give it 6 out of 5.    It's the best rock release I've heard in many years.   Period.


Jacob Hester / Rock For Truth - Politi-Rock Mag (5 out of 5 stars) Review

I’m going to skip all the politically correct, grammatically appropriate statements for one second to say straight forward, this song is dope! I love everything it stands for, I love the rhythm of the guitars, I love the vocals and I love the lyrics. “Trend Setter” is the first single from Sin Shake Sin’s upcoming Lunatics and Slaves album. The incredibly talented Stacy Hogan crafts a perfect song to describe the reality TV loving, microwave mentality of today’s complacent society. It’s a borderline anthem for anarchy, except not the kind that riot and burn buildings for no reason other than the sheer joy of watching it burn, but for righteousness.

The lyrics are a sarcastic take on self-imposed ignorance with a chorus that states “Just ignore the past / divide the people / multiply the cash / hide behind the steeple / so sit on your ass and ask for nothing better / congratulations you’re a trendsetter”. Simply powerful, maybe even enough to evoke a few who are guilty of being said “Trend Setter” to rethink their purpose in the machine of society. In just over 3 minutes, it touches on so many of today’s corruptions with only a few words and does so in a way that is not bland or preachy. The lyrics are incredibly bold, the vibe is rocking, the attitude is strong and the approach is brilliant.

In addition being a masterfully written and composed song, I was even more impressed to learn Stacy Hogan writes all his songs, plays all the instruments, sings, records, produces and mixed everything himself! He is an award winning artist who has performed with several other award winning artists such as Grammy winner Linda Davis, Shinedown, Seether, Lady Antebellum, Hoobastank, Finger Eleven and many more. Sin Shake Sin’s sound mixes a taste of some of my personal favorite rock styles and acts. From the industrial rock of Nine Inch Nails to the blues rock of The White Stripes infused with powerful genre crossing pop-ready choruses.

Stacy Hogan and Sin Shake Sin is a musical experience I am looking forward to hearing much more from. If he continues to make songs like “Trend Setter” and be as epic of an artist as he already is, there really is no telling the impact he could make in the world of music and the world at large. This is definitely an artist I am betting my money on and placing some in his account for the next project!

Alternative Addiction Magazine Review

   Sin Shake Sin - Debut - 5 stars

In the music industry there’s competition everywhere. You’re constantly competing with other bands for attention, especially when you are a new band trying to rise through the ranks to popularity. When you’re a songwriter, you’re constantly competing with other writers to come up with the perfect song so that your piece of music will be picked up instead of someone else’s. Stacy Hogan has fought and won battles on both sides.

As a songwriter, Hogan has written 10 major label songs for
 other artists across multiple genres, including 2 Billboard Top 10 Hard Rock singles. In 2013, Hogan saw his music be licensed for multiple TV shows and commercials in addition to winning multiple songwriting awards.

Working behind the scenes, Stacy’s been prolific. The same can be said of Hogan as a performing musician. His last rock project, Lovers and Liars, was a recognized and highly regarded band. They toured across the country, and released two EPs and one LP, all of them to commercial and critical acclaim. Eventually, Lovers and Liars earned a record contract with Universal Republic in 2010. After years of dealing with industry woes on the label and just coming off of it, the band called it quits early in 2013 and Hogan embarked on a new project, Sin Shake Sin.

“It all started when I found myself writing for everybody else,” said Hogan. “It was a cool outlet to try but I was missing the creative element of not having a deadline and being able to do what you want. That creative freedom, I missed that. I picked up a guitar and started writing, wanting to do something different - I knew I wanted it to be different from Lovers and Liars. So, it just came from that, getting back to that creative freedom and seeing what happens.”

Sin Shake Sin is Hogan’s one-man band. He plays all the instruments, writes the songs, sings, records, produces, and mixes the project himself and it has Hogan setting out to create a fresh new experience in independent and alternative rock. The lyrics are fun, raw, anthem-worthy and relatable. They also aspire to do more - they’re historically and socially conscious, politically critical and most of all, inspiring for those who look around and want more for their generation and the next.

The music is a bold and unique mix of industrial rock with underlying pop sensibilities, textures and rhythms. The beats are swampy and infectious. The sound of the project has Hogan blending inspiration from some of his favorites. You can hear trace elements of inspiration coming from Nine Inch Nails, AWOLNATION, Muse, and the White Stripes. To go along with those influences, Sin Shake Sin has a swampy, southern vibe engrained in the music. Part of Hogan’s unique approach with Sin Shake Sin is that he uses an eight-string electric guitar to achieve his ultra-low, dirty, swampy sound. That sound is evident on the debut single, “Trendsetter.”

“I bought the eight-string guitar because I was writing for Brian Welch’s solo record, “Love and Death” and I needed something super-heavy sounding. Once the project was completed and I was working on my own music again, I looked over at the guitar and thought, ‘why not give this a try for something that isn’t metal?’ So, I put this ultra ‘modern’ guitar through a bunch of vintage sounds (like old tube amps with 60’s style spring reverbs) and laid down a funky pop beat to go with it. From that, the swampy indie pop/rock sound started.”